Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why blog?

I chose to devote my life to the theatre because of my thirst for knowledge and polymathic nature. One of the most beautiful elements of our art form is the research that is required in order to pursue it. Each production we stage brings a new understanding of psychology, history, geography, politics, literature, and much more. Being a theatre artist puts me in the position of a permanent predator of information. An action as monotonous as walking down a residential street in Brooklyn becomes an educational experience for me as my senses absorb summer humidity, Spanish music, and weathered wrought iron. I have a habit of collecting interesting pictures and reference books on any subject and I carry an electronic dictionary with me where ever I go. An unquenchable curiosity about the world in which I exist is not only a part of my job; it is a part of my nature.

With this blog, I hope to apply this innate need for observation and learning directly to my art. While studying theatre history with Amy Hughes, I was introduced to historically ground breaking dramatic literature, passionately conflicting theories, and the great and powerful Oscar Brockett, theatre historian extraordinaire. I discovered that the more I learned about the past, the more I was able to understand the present state of the theatre and the more informed my own theories became. The literature we were assigned sparked late night discussions and intellectual debates, which often resulted in a personal solidified opinion based on an understanding of facts. The two required semesters of theatre history only wet my appetite for more. I want to keep reading, analyzing and discussing, but this time in a more public forum. Working on this blog will allow me to submerge myself even further into the sea of dramatic literature and theory. In addition to friendly conversations over Ben and Jerry’s and animated subway speculations, I will compile an online record of these realizations and opinions that I continue to form as I continue to become informed.

There is also a correlation between knowledge and confidence that interests me. I need to exercise my ability to articulate and research in order to solidify an image of myself as a scholar and theorist. My humility is what is keeping me from beginning this blog as a drastic call to arms even though there are evident problems with today’s theatre. Instead, I am going to begin as a speculator, making suggestions here and there, but mostly defining the world I am talking about. From that point, I will feel comfortable enough to begin to offer opinions and criticism in a responsible manner. Eventually, I would like this blog to grow into a dynamic forum that is both making and answering the call to a progressive theatre.

So here’s to art, knowledge, and scholarship…you might as well pour yourself a glass of wine now.

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