Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Side Walk Chalk Walk

Hi Everyone!

During my final semester at Brooklyn College, my 20th Century Theatre professor, Steve, introduced me to works by Allen Kaprow and Tadeusz Kantor. Thank God. I would have been really embarrassed if I had a BFA in Theatre and didn't know who these people were. It's bad enough I still have no idea what every theatre theorist who has ever written anything, means when he or she uses the adjective "plastic."

Anyway, I was pretty enamored by the ideas of these two theorists. Steve agreed to let me stage my own Kaprow-Kantor inspired Happening as a final project. The vague plan was to advertise a meeting on Brooklyn College's quad, and trace each other with Sidewalk Chalk.

This is the mission statement.

Here are the photographs.

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